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Magician UK: Whenever you're searching for something a little bit extra for your event or party in the UK area, and you'd like an enchanting evening that everyone will remember; you ought to book a magician.

Magicians have seen an increase in popularity over the last couple of decades, and have become the perfect entertainment choice for birthdays, corporate events, dinner parties and wedding receptions in the UK. They are still very popular for children's parties, but thanks to television shows such as, Britain's Got Talent, magicians are an automatic choice for more mature audiences.

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There's something special about seeing a skilled magician up close and personal, especially when you simply cannot figure out how they did it.

You might want your magician to perform a cabaret type show, or perhaps you'd prefer more informal magic while mingling with guests; in either case, they will have fun and be captivated. But what style of magician should you book?


Before making contact with an entertainment company or magician you should first take a look at your event guest list. Is it a wedding reception, corporate event, kid's party or other celebration that you need a magician for? Knowing yours, and your guests, expectations from the event should allow you to pick the most suitable magician.

Because every event is different, you'll need to appreciate exactly what you want from your magician, so you don't get it wrong and hire the wrong type. To just book in a magician without carrying out this elementary research may be asking for trouble. An adult entertainer may perform magic tricks that are more suitable to a stag or hen party than to a party where kids are present, or a corporate event. On the other hand, a kids magician at a wedding reception could be embarrassing for both the magician, and the happy couple.

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Parties and informal occasions are a great place for street magicians, close-up magic and sleight of hand magicians who'll mingle with guests as they work. For more formal occasions you might prefer a corporate, after dinner cabaret, or stage magician.

Very exciting for guests of all ages are mentalists and mind readers, who are able to keep the whole audience second guessing long after the show has finished. Mind reading is a well loved classic, but a modern twist has audience members reading the magician's mind and transforms it into something new.


Confidence is key when it comes to performing magic. UK magicians with many years of experience in their lockers will be more able to adapt and change to a group's different personalities than a magician just getting started in the business. Sometimes magic tricks go wrong, and you want a magician who can turn such mishaps into part of the act and not freeze. This is part of the skills a professional and experienced magician brings to the table when they perform.

A decent magician will also know how to work the audience effectively. When a magician in the UK finds this difficult to achieve, it can soon turn into an embarrassing experience for everybody. What you really want is a magician who can communicate with anyone at your function on their level, or as close as possible. What turns a decent magician into an amazing one, is the capability to put all your guests at ease, especially if they've volunteered for a magic trick.

Even though the processes of some magic tricks can be guessed, a good magician should never disclose the real secrets behind their magic. Also, they should not depend on tightly scripted material, because working with live audiences can throw up unexpected surprises at every turn. A magician shouldn't just show up to your event in the UK, do a few simple tricks and walk away, they must perform, interact and make certain that they give your guests a real "OMG" moment to remember.

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If you search online you will find plenty of magicians in and around UK available to book. You can choose from individuals or go through an entertainment company to try and find the best bang for your buck. Testimonials from friends or relatives is always a reliable way to uncover an experienced and proven magician in the UK. If you do ask for testimonials from friends and family, ask about what style of party they held in order to compare it with your intended event.

Get quotes from 2 or 3 magicians or management companies in the UK when you are making your preliminary enquiries. You'll need to know from each of them:

Experience - For how many years have they been practicing as a professional magician and have they got a portfolio of events and parties where they've put on shows.

Suitability - Do they see themselves as kids entertainers, or are they suited to more mature, older audiences.

Style - Will they perform in front of the, or will they mingle and interact with your guests?

Performance - For how long does the show last, whether it's a stage magician, or if they're a close-up magician who mixes and interacts with the audience, what time will they start and end?

Picking the best suited magician from the responses they provide might mean that you do not pick the lowest priced magician in the UK; but you'll have made the best possible choice. All that's needed now is for you to settle back and enjoy the experience as your magician gets your party started, and makes it an unforgettable event for all of your guests.


There are no formal qualifications in the world of magicians, and training is either self-taught, or carried out with the utmost secrecy. There are of course lots of locally based magic clubs that share tricks and provide support, however the largest and most prestigious membership for any magician is The Magic Circle.

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Only the most skilled magicians are even considered for membership of the Magic Circle, and if it's possible to book such a person for your event in the UK you'll be honoured. There is no guaranteed membership to the Magic Circle and applicants have to be endorsed by two active members prior to being invited to take part in an interview and, if they pass this stage, give demonstrations of their magic.

Only when they've passed these two stages will the vote be cast by the Council of the Magic Circle on whether to accept the membership. Only when these steps have been taken can a magician enter the renowned halls of magic and be proud to know they're at the apex of their profession.


A note on magicians for kids parties; a professional children's magician will never be offended or upset if you enquire about references and background check documents. All people who work with children are required to have a DBS background check done, and kids magicians are included in this list.

Entertainment and energy are the foundation of a kids magician skillset, and they must be able to keep all ages of youngsters captivated during their show. Some might have specific age brackets that their act is more suitable for, and they should ask you about the age range at your particular party. When considering kids parties in the UK, your magician should be entertaining as well as perform magic, and needs to be able to quickly adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.
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