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Magicians: If you're seeking that extra touch of magic for your UK-based party or event, and you desire an unforgettable evening, consider hiring a magician. They will ensure your gathering is filled with enchantment and leave a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

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In recent years, magicians have risen to become the top choice for entertainment at weddings, dinner parties, and corporate events. While they remain the number one choice for children's parties, their popularity has soared for adult special events. Witnessing a professional magician up close and personal brings a unique allure, leaving spectators amazed and baffled by their baffling tricks. The enigmatic allure of their performances keeps guests intrigued, as they try to unravel the mysteries behind the magic tricks.

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Whether it's mingling with guests and wowing them with impromptu magic or presenting a formal stage show, a skilled magician has the power to captivate everyone at your event. The question is, what type of magician is the perfect fit for your needs?


Prior to reaching out to a magician or entertainment company, consider examining your guest list. It's evident that a children's party calls for a different magician style compared to a corporate event. Understanding your guests' expectations will enable you to ask the appropriate questions while evaluating potential magicians for your event.

Given the uniqueness of each event, it's crucial to identify your specific requirements from the magician to avoid any missteps in hiring an incompatible style. Merely booking a magician without conducting proper research can lead to unexpected issues. For instance, if your event involves both adults and children or is a formal corporate occasion, a risqué magician suitable for stag or hen parties would not be ideal. Conversely, having a children's magician at a wedding function might prove embarrassing for the happy couple, as well as the magician.

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The ever-popular choice for parties and informal occasions is close-up table magic, but you have various options to select from, including sleight of hand magicians, pick-pockets, and street magicians. However, for more formal events, it is advisable to consider an after-dinner cabaret, stage, or corporate magician.

Mentalists and mind readers add a delightful element of fun to any event and leave a lasting impact on everyone, not just the chosen participants. Some magicians possess the unique ability to turn the tables, engaging the audience in mind-reading, making it the ultimate twist to a beloved classic magic trick.


In the realm of magic, confidence reigns supreme. An experienced magician, with years of expertise, excels in adapting to diverse group personalities compared to a newcomer in the field. When occasional magic tricks encounter glitches, you seek a performer who can seamlessly incorporate these mishaps into the act and maintain the flow. This is precisely where the extensive experience of working with various groups shines through, ensuring a captivating and seamless performance.

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With experience also comes the knowledge of working the crowd. If a magician can't do this it is probable you will end up with a cringe worthy experience that is embarrassing. You want a magician who can talk to anyone at your event on their level, or at least close to it. A magician should put your guests at ease and engage with them as he performs.

It is also the mark of a good magician not to reveal his secrets, or have tricks that are obvious to deduce. They cannot rely on a script, unless it's a cabaret act, and even then it should be free flowing and ready for adaptation should the need arise. A magician should not just rock up to your party, perform a few tricks and walk away, they need to perform, interact and ensure they give your guests an "OMG" moment.

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If you look on the internet you will find many magicians in and around UK available for hire. Whether they are individuals, or part of an entertainment company, you want the best for your budget. If you have friends or family who have hired a magician in the past it is an excellent idea to ask them for their advice and recommendations. Bear in mind the type of event they held and if it is similar to yours in the ages and expectations of guests.

Choose at least three magicians you think will be suitable for your event and make an initial enquiry with them or their management team. You will want to ask about:

Suitability - Let them know the type of event you are holding, i.e. children's birthday, wedding party, stag/hen party etc, and ask if they can perform for that demographic.

Performance - Will it be a single performance (cabaret style), or will it be broken up to supply an evening of entertainment at different times?

Style - Will they perform in front of the crowd, or will they mingle and interact with your guests?

Experience - How long have they been a professional magician, and how many events or shows have they performed?

Once you have your answers, and of course, the quotes - you can choose your event's magician. You should be confident at this stage that your magician will be able to kick start your event and create a unique and memorable party for everyone.


Magicians do not require any formal qualifications, and training in the industry is a well kept secret. There are many local magic clubs that share the tricks of the trade and offer support, but the largest and most prestigious membership for any magician is The Magic Circle.

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Any magician who can display membership to The Magic Circle has proven themselves to the world's leading magicians their ability and skill. There is no automatic membership and applicants must be approved by two current members before being invited to take an interview and, if this is successful, demonstrate their magic skills.

If they pass these two stages the final say on whether they can become a member is decided by the ruling Council of The Magic Circle. Once all these requirements have been met and ratified, a magician can obtain the honoured membership of the premier magic club in the world.


A note on magicians for children's parties; a professional children's magician will not be offended if you ask about background checks and references. Any person who advertises as working with children should be checked as a part of the industry, and children's magicians are no different.

A professional children's magician will be able to keep a group entertained and mesmerised. Some may have specific age ranges their material is more suitable for and they should ask what age group your party is for. When it comes to children's parties, the magician needs to be able to entertain as well as perform magic and needs to be able to adapt quickly to fast changing situations.

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UK Magician Enquiries

Current UK magician job postings: Mr and Mrs Boland wanted to book a forty minute magic show for an event in Inverness. Charles and May Coll wanted to book a 20 minute magic show for a wedding event in Tamworth. Shayaan and Mia-Rose Chambers asked about the cost of booking a one hour magic show for a party in Canterbury. Mr and Mrs Stanley wanted to book a 40 minute magic show for a kids party in Market Harborough. Devon Swan recently requested a quote for a 30 minute magic show for a party in Worcester. Olly Ritchie and Connie Ritchie wanted to book a 20 minute magic show for a birthday party in Colchester, UK. Kingsley Buchanan asked about the cost of booking a one hour show for a wedding reception in Dundee. Emmanuella Chan recently enquired about getting a price for a 30 minute magic show for an event in Dartford.

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There is a range of magic that can be performed by your local UK magician including pickpocket magic acts UK, bizarre magic acts, transportation magic acts, classic magic, street magic acts UK, levitation magic acts in the UK, party magic, mentalism, suspension magic acts, vanishing acts, transposition magic acts in the UK, mechanical magic tricks, quick change magic in the UK, corporate magic tricks, mathemagic, kid's magic tricks, table magic, magical illusions, penetration magic, and far more. Just send in an enquiry and see what we can provide for your event or party.

Different Magic Tricks

  • Escape Acts - Magic acts where a magician or their assistant escapes from some sort of restraining device.
  • Restoration Acts - Magic tricks where something is destroyed and then restored to its original state.
  • Levitation Magic - Gravity defying magic acts where something is made to float.
  • Production Tricks - Magic tricks where an object is produced from thin air.
  • Transformation Tricks - Tricks where an object is transformed into something else entirely.
  • Suspension Tricks - Tricks where something floats in the air with the assistance of another object.
  • Vanishing Acts - Tricks where an object is made to disappear altogether.
  • Transportation Tricks - Tricks where an object is made to move from one place to another.
  • Penetration Tricks - Tricks where a solid object passes through another.
  • Transposition Tricks - Tricks where two or more objects swap places with each other.

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